Try it. Go on, just try to relax and unwind as you watch Aussie contortionist Alakazam tie himself up. You'll Laugh and squirm simultaneously as you witness freaky body contortions, sky-high feats of danger and cheeky comedy. Alakazam counts Bruce Springsteen and Sting as fans. Don't miss it!

Chalkmaster Dave

Dave Johnston aka. Chalkmaster Dave is a Toronto born artist currently living in Broad Cove, NS. He paints in several mediums including acrylic, most know him best for his chalk art. Chalkmaster Dave has been coast-to-coast in Canada and internationally performing at streets fairs and festivals. Some of his clients also include Google, Pedigree, Coca Cola, Disney and the City of Toronto.


FlameOz brings once again an unforgettable awe- inspiring experience. A high impact blend of beauty, dance, power, energy and FIRE! With a real mix-pot of nationalities, Australian, British and American; FlameOz returns to Halifax this year with a hot and exciting show. Not to be missed!

Jack Wise

Dublin Magician Jack taught himself at a young age how to shuffle a pack of cards and keeping them in exactly the same order… the skills of suggestion and psychological manipulation that make him appear to be a mind reader! He’s earned to slow his heart to fewer than 10 beats a minute, which is of no practical use but really freaks people out, then he mastered the art of Sword Swallowing…
Why does he do these things? Because he can.

Mama Lou

Mama Lou looks like the girl next door, but this is not a lady to mess with! With her Midwest charm, Mama Lou bends metal bars into hearts, crushes apples in her biceps, rolls up frying pans, lifts amazing weights with her tongue, rips entire telephone books in half...and more!
Wow-factor, jaw-dropping stunts, and hilarious audience participation make her a top draw at every event. She must be seen to be believed.

Michael James

Michael James takes his 30+ years of magic experience and mixes it up with his unique sense of humor to present a comical magic show like no other! Witness a miracle with a piece of fruit, an ancient Chinese mystery and more than a few surprises along the way. Jam-packed with audience participation and enough laughs to make you choke on your vegan hotdog, this is the show you will be talking about this for weeks to come!

Pogo Fred

Pogo Fred holds multiple Guinness World Records for his extreme pogo stunts and is regarded as one of the best jumpers on the planet. Check out his incredible tricks and flips as he jumps 10 feet in the air on his next generation and 10-foot tall pogo sticks.

The Space Cowboy

One of the most innovative Sword Swallowers alive today, he performs an ever expanding list of sideshow stunts as well as elite circus skill including his world champion dangerous 3m unicycle finale. The Space Cowboy is a living phenomena guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on those who witness his incredible acts. Following in the footsteps of legends such as Houdini his death defying displays are history in the making.

The Positive Brothers

The Positive Brothers are one of the most impacting Buskers performances in the world. With a show that brings family and friends together, bringing joy to kids faces around the world.
Positive Brothers have a career that stretches over ten years of experience. Most members have grown up together since childhood, which made them The Positive Brothers. Not having family to provide for their future needs, they made the decision to become brothers. Excellent showman ship, amazing presentation, courageous urban dance, along with gymnastics makes this a great family show.


Who would have thought you could make an entire show out of yo-yos? This husband and wife duo bring back that nostalgic toy, reminding you of old favorite tricks such as Walk the Dog and Rock the Baby, then amazing you with new and bizarre tricks, such as Boingy-Boingy and The Human Rollercoaster.

HASA: Hercinia Arts Space Aerialists

An intergalactic aerial circle show where the sky is, literally, the limit. A high energy skill-show that takes its audience on a journey through the outer limits of space. Using an aerial rig as their spaceship these acrobatic astronauts explore what it means to fly.

Silver Elvis

In a world of over 58,000 Elvis impersonators there is only one Elvis simulator that is "SilverElvis". Head to toe in all silver this international award winning street performer has been touring for 18 years. This cash activated robbo E, robotically dances into your heart in classic Elvis moves. Charge your phones as you will want a selfie with the king of bling, with silver guitar! Little ones are hypnotized, teens are creeped out, as grandmothers swoon to the most unique Elvis simulator . Icon to the Toronto busker scene and voted best busker 3 years consecutively by Now magazine people's choice. SilverElvis loves your tender. Thank you, thank you very much.

Twisted Designs Balloon Monsters

From the deep, dark, depths of a Twisted imagination, surface these colourful, loveable and friendly Balloon Monsters. Standing over 2 metres tall and twisted completely out of vibrantly coloured balloons, with no framework, they are truly a spectacular sight. When the monsters are in town no head remains unturned. And it’s not just the kids who enjoy the act – adults are just as enthralled!

Kate Mior: Madame Guillotine

"Salut Peasants! Marie Antoinette is back and out to seek revenge on the very public that tried to execute her over 200 years ago. International Mime artist Kate Mior returns to Halifax with her brand new full-length show, in her signature silent style. Watch audience participants run a gauntlet of hilarity involving cake, baguette fights and a six-foot fully loaded guillotine. This European-style clown show leaves its audience in stitches. Don't lose your head!"

Beat Brothers

The Beat Brothers offer a unique audience-participation experience with energy, music and delirium. The Beat Brothers are on the run and you never know where these handcuffed clowns are going to take you! From Beethoven to Grand Master Flash, they take you through an unexpected musical journey with physical comedy and nouveau clown.


Embracing the future without losing sight of the past, OKA draws upon their indigenous connection to place and country to create their signature feel good Australian earth sound. A blend of house, big beat, reggae-dub, Roots, Jazz and world music.